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Celebrating is so important

Feb 2nd. 2022. What an incredible week, I popped up to Windsor Castle to collect my OBE from Prince Charles. It really made me appreciate the importance of celebrating achievements and how bad I have been at doing that in the past. I did nothing when I received my MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games Outstanding Contribution or the Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment 30 years of play, diversity awards. I was more embarrassed that someone would think I didn't deserve them. This time after going with my husband to the castle, I met up with my mum and sister for lunch and photos outside the castle. The time with them is probably more special and memorable than the trip to the castle and the short chat with the Prince although that certainly had its moments. My husband slipped in the main room and then he thought I'd forgotten to give the medal back so I was back and forth on the exit). If you have been nominated for an award, particularly the recent MCV/DEVELOP awards, finished a project, completed a goal, got a job or a promotion, please take a moment to feel proud and share it with friends and loved ones. Thanks to everyone who has and continues to support the education and diversity work I love, and the reason I received my OBE especially everyone at NextGen Skills Academy. I am really looking forward to delivering a Prince's Trust course next week, although I forgot to tell him that, with Marcia Deakin, Nigel Twumasi #celebrate

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